6274 have enjoyed, for many years, taking hoarding design and production to new places. During building construction, there are often hundreds of metres of wooden hoarding just crying out for a wee bit of creativity! That’s where we come in.

Often contractors have an obligation for community engagement that can be hard to deliver. We are here to help. We have worked on projects with local schools and community groups to turn empty hoardings into innovative community artworks.

We can work with you to come up with a community engagement programme, complete all the design, production and install. Productions like this can become temporary tourist attractions, and promote the project, contractor and client far better than endlessly repeating a company logo. All our projects get a press launch, and are great for social media channels as well.

Most final productions are on dibond, but we also produce mesh banners suitable for heras style fencing.

6274 offer

  • Public art consultation
  • Public and community engagement projects
  • Experience of setting up community art hubs
  • Work with schools, colleges and other groups
  • Video documenting of work for your social media channels