The Blair family of Blair House near Dalry have been in residence for over 800 years. Following the recent sale of the property NAC approached 6274 to produce an exhibition on the subject of “Blair of Blair”
Work on a tight schedule, the exhibition parts were designed and produced within 10 days, and received a very positive response at the opening night.

6274 created display panels to accompany the materials and artefacts that were integral to the exhibition. There was such a wealth of rich text and photographs to include in the exhibition that staff were struggling to be able to share them to the standards required. 6274 took on the challenge and developed a series of boards which incorporated the text, photos and maps into a fascinating exhibition. The end result was a stunning informative backdrop to the artefact and paintings which was appealing and inviting to the visitors.

Given the challenge of making the massive amount of information look not only appealing but informative, the design team worked their magic and with an incredibly short timescale to design and produce met the deadlines and were accommodating at every stage of the process

Lesley Forsyth, Cultural Development Manager, Education and Skills, North Ayrshire Council


Everyone thought the panels looked fantastic and I hope you managed to hear the great feedback first hand. One again thanks to you and Shona for all your efforts and your patience!

Mrs N. Cullen, Local History Librarian, North Ayrshire Heritage Centre.